Job Vacancies

Title Consultant –  Construction Industry Skills Council
Objective Provide support to Construction Industry Skills Council (CISC) to i) finalize 5-year skills strategy including annual work plan and ii) develop financial sustainability plan
Period 30 workdays
Location Dhaka – Bangladesh
Reports to Consultant will work closely with Senior Manager – Industry Skills Council and Skills and Employment Director, and reports to the Team Leader.



  1. Workplan covering the period of complete mission
  2. Finalise 5-year skills strategy (draft strategy readily available) for the construction sector along with the 1st annual workplan for the implementation of strategy
  3. Develop a Financial Sustainability Plan for the CISC once the funding from the development partners will be reduced or phased out
  4. Mission end report as per Sudokkho template


This assignment will be for up to 30 workdays during the period between February and March 2018. Weekends and travel days will not be counted as workdays.


Items   Number of work days
1.     Workplan covering the period of complete mission 0.5
2.     Five-year skills strategy along with the 1st annual workplan 14
3.     Financial Sustainability Plan for the CISC 14
4.     Mission end report as per Sudokkho template 1.5


Profile/requirement of the consultant

The consultant should have vast international experience in working with and developing of sector skills councils. Furthermore, the consultant should meet the following criteria:

  • Over 10 years’ international experience in supporting development of TVET system
  • Thorough understanding of the skills development context in Bangladesh will be an advantage
  • Strong understanding of partnership modalities
  • Academic qualifications in relevant field of expertise
  • Fluent in English
  • Excellent analytical and writing skills

Consultancy proposal

Interested consultant should prepare a technical and financial proposal.

The technical proposal should include:

  1. CV(s) of the Consultant(s) proposed
  2. Overview of relevant experiences along with a tentative workplan for the duration of 30 workdays

The financial proposal should include the number of consultant-days, the gross daily per-person consultancy fee and travel cost. Local costs relevant to the assignment will be paid by Sudokkho directly conform its operations manual and does not have to be included in the financial proposal. Both the proposals should be sent to Sudokkho, email: with “Skills Strategy for CISC” in the subject line.


Closing date and time for issuing proposals is 17th February 2018, 5:00 pm Bangladesh Time.


For details, download the terms of reference.