Consultancy opportunities:


Opportunities for Consultancy Support to the RMG Sector on Skills Development

Sudokkho works together with private sector employers to develop skills training systems that allow existing or new RMG employees to acquire the skills that lead to employment in higher valued semi-skilled or skilled jobs.

To strengthen the local consultancy service market capacity, Sudokkho wants to work with national organisations and/or individual experts in delivering their services to the RMG training market. Sudokkho is searching for interested individuals and/or organisations who want to expand their consultancy portfolio in the RMG sector by offering services to design and implement in-factory training systems on sewing machine operations.

Essential criteria for organisations:

  • A minimum of two or more years of experiences in providing training or consultancy support in the RMG sector in Bangladesh
  • Demonstrated working knowledge and technical understanding of the RMG sector
  • Demonstrated experience in conducting training courses for organisations or industries in the RMG sector
  • Exposure to monitoring and evaluation tools and techniques
  • Dedicated personnel who can be nominated as consultants

Essential criteria for consultants:

  • Experience of working in training for skills development in the RMG sector
  • Demonstrated experience in coaching and mentoring trainees
  • Proficient in MS Word, MS Excel and in typing Bangla
  • Fluent in both Bangla and English

Submission of Expressions of Interest

Interested organisations/individuals should submit an expression of interest (EoI) to Sudokkho within two pages elaborating relevant experiences and addressing all the requirements specified.

EoI should be sent via email with the subject line- ‘Capacity Building National TCSPs’ to this address: The closing time and date for submission of EoIs is 17:00 (BST) on Saturday, 7 October 2017.


Job Vacancies:

Sorry, no opening available at the moment.