Available Career Opportunities:

Short-term Consultancy: Impact review – project training systems in Ready Made Garments

An external consultant (or consultancy firm) will be assigned to ensure transparency, accuracy and contestability of the impact conclusions drawn to date.

The review will:

  • verify the assumptions, behind the judgements, that the pilot interventions have worked and document the lessons learnt; and
  • provide Sudokkho a communication tool to support the scaling-up of the model within the RMG sector in Bangladesh.

The primary users of this review will be Sudokkho and the IBT partners. The findings will be converted into targeted communication products to enable wider sector outreach.

Deliverable and reporting

  • The review, analysis and reporting should be of high quality standard and credible. The outputs are:
    The consultant must submit a work plan at the beginning of the assignment which should include how the inputs days will be utilised;
  • A proposal outlining the methodology and approach, initial literature review findings, breakdown of the stakeholders to be consulted for the data collection plan, customised data collection checklists, content outline of the research report must be submitted and approved by Sudokkho’s Team Leader;
  • Presentation of the findings at a validation workshop organised by Sudokkho and the relevant IBT partners;
    A comprehensive report of 15 to 20 pages (excluding any annexes) which will include an executive summary (should be able to be read as a standalone document) of not more than 3 pages. The report should clearly address all the issues mentioned in these terms of reference. The final report must be submitted latest by 15 November 2017; and
  • Five separate reports for each IBT partner (partly extracted from the overall report) of a maximum of six pages and an executive summary (should be able to be read as a standalone document) of not more than one page.Time schedule
    A total of up to 40 consultant days are foreseen for this assignment over a timespan of four months, from August 2017 to November 2017.Requirements
  • Profile/requirement of the consultant
  • The consultant or team of consultants should meet the following requirements
  • Solid experience of working on productivity improvement in the RMG sector;
  • Solid experience in quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research, monitoring and evaluation on issues related to the market growth and programmes or investments using innovative partnership approaches;
  • Proven strong understanding of partnership modalities, organisational development and institutional strengthening;
  • Track record of successful consultancies in similar types of assignments;
  • Knowledge of development issues in Bangladesh; and
  • Excellent report writing skills.
  • Furthermore, the consultant(s) should (all) meet the following criteria:
    Academic qualifications in relevant field of expertise; and
    High level verbal and written communication skills.Consultancy proposal
    Interested consultants should submit a technical and financial proposal.
    The technical proposal should include:
    CV(s) of all relevant personnel; and
    A statement detailing how the scope of work will be addressed.The financial proposal should provide
    Daily consultancy fees of each expert proposed;
    Where relevant, estimated travel costs and all other relevant support costs; and
    Any other relevant expenditures.
    Per diems and accommodation costs will be conform Sudokkho’s predefined rates, hence the financial proposal should not include these two cost headers.

    Consultancy proposals may send via an email to info@sudokkho.org by mentioning “Impact Review in RMG” in the subject. The closing time and date is 17:00 (Bangladesh time) on Saturday, 22 July 2017.