Sudokkho has partnerships with private training providers/centres/institutions who are registered as “for profit” company, and are already in skills training business providing courses in construction and/or readymade garments occupations. It works with these private training providers (PTP) to support the provision of short skills training courses, giving people the opportunity to enter skilled or semi-skilled work.

Courses are aimed at people who are out of work, aiming to help them earn a decent, reliable income. Hence, privately run training centres, registered by the government and market-oriented, have the capacity to attract large numbers of trainees through the programme.

The programme provides a targeted, results-based financing mechanism that incentivises training providers to seek out participants who can contribute to the training fees as well as people from hard-to-reach groups.

It also offers incentives to training providers to minimise student drop-out and provide counselling and job placement services to support trainees to secure employment.

PTPs will be responsible for the selection and training of students and will be paid in arrears, following students’ enrolment, completion of training and successful employment.

Sudokkho seeks to reach 60,000 trainees over the five-year duration of the programme, with 63% of those trained in RMG-related courses.

The short-term training courses are designed to prepare target groups for the domestic labour market, although it is recognised that trainees in the construction sector may consider international employment options, which is also considered as an impact of the programme.

Under the partnership with Sudokkho, PTPs commit to deliver appropriate, relevant training courses that take into account gender and social inclusion considerations when recruiting trainees.

In short, this partnership will serve the following purposes:

  • Build the capacity of private training providers to deliver quality training. This will accelerate the process of becoming a credible training provider for the industry. Capacity building will be done by providing training curricula and manuals, providing skills assessment guides, upgrading of essential training tools, aides and equipment, training in school management and managing the quality of learning, training of instructors in training skills, training of instructors in technical skills, support in the development of skills certification and quality assurance system, and facilitate development of gender responsive and socially inclusive training.
  • Support the private training providers in becoming a valuable skills-development business partner for the industry. This will stimulate the industry to invest in training and will facilitate linking graduates to employment opportunities. Sudokkho will support each private training provider in its institutional development and organisational strengthening through long-term training and coaching process.

Private training providers that are interested in partnering with Sudokkho or wish to receive further information are encouraged to contact Mr Suresh Mahto, Skills and Employment Director-